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Tales of Wales
Two stories from Wales. Vicars & Tramps is taken from Kilvert's Diaries. The Rev. Francis Kilvert was incumbent at various small parishes on the Welsh Borders in Victorian times. The second story is an old Welsh folk tale of The Lady of the Lake.

Badly-Translated Welsh Road Signs
Some amusing road signs which have lost their meaning in translation.

Pronouncing Welsh Place Names
Our quick guide to the pronunciation and meaning of Welsh place names and signs. Also A Brief History of the Welsh Language.

Organised Cycling Holidays
Relax and let someone else do the work.

Cycling Tips
How to deal with dogs, sheep and horses on the road, and when cars can cross the line.

Travel to Wales
Useful links for cyclists travelling to Wales & the Welsh Borders by train, bus or boat. Travel info, plus a few travel tips.

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No washing, no ironing sheep